stripe project, Banners for Sculpture by the Sea Bondi, 2014

Banner-Tamarama-mid-view-with-houses-low-res Banner-Tamarama-road-view-with-runner-low-res Banner-Tamarama-closeup-1-low-res

Banner-Bondi-overview-w-people-on-path-low-res Banner-Bondi-w-rock-and-people-low-res Banner-Bondi-closeup-w-ocean-low-res Banner-Bondi-closeup-w-people-1-low-res

2 site-specific banners for Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2014. Digital print on perforated vinyl, 0.9m x 23m, 2014.

Images 1-3: ‘Banner for Tamarama’, Marine Drive, Tamarama NSW Australia.

Images 4-7: ‘Banner for Bondi’, Notts Ave, Bondi NSW Australia.

Images courtesy the artist. ©Francesca Mataraga 2014

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