stripe project, site specific painting for ArticulateUpstairs, 2013


F.Mataraga a to b wall work (Photo Johan Palsson) web1

F.Mataraga 'a to b wall work' (image Johan Palsson) web 2

Image: ‘stripe fragment II’ (site specific painting for ArticulateUpstairs), paint on existing architecture,  2.4m x 13m, 2013. 

‘stripe fragment II’ was a site-specific painting created for ArticulateUpstairs and was exhibited from 21 June to 21 July, 2013. It is part of an extended series of works based on striped IKEA fabrics that explore size and scale in architectural space.

A parallel work was also created simultaneously at the AUTOCENTER (Berlin). In this piece the same fabric pattern was used to create a participatory wall drawing.

Photographer: Johan Palsson. ©Francesca Mataraga

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